VIU Campus

VIUTube Editing Tools

You can edit any video that you have uploaded to VIUTube by using VIUTube's built in editor

Edit a VIUTube Video

  1. Navigate to VIUTube and select Manage Media.

  2. Hover over the video you want to edit and select Edit.

  3. Once you have finished editing your video, click the Save button. 

  4. Give your newly edited video an alternative Title if you wish and then choose Replace Existing Video or Save as New Video to keep your changes. In most cases, we would recommend clicking Save as new Video, as this option will keep your original video in tact in case you need to go back and re-edit it.  

Video Editor Features.

mceclip1.png Cut

Remove unwanted content from any point in your video.

Split Icon in the YuJa Video Editor Split

Cut selected sections of content within a video. Sections can then be rearranged, trimmed, or removed.


Undo Last Action

Undo and remove your editing changes one-by-one

Redo Last Action

Retrieve an edit after you clicked undo
mceclip3.png Insert Slide or Image Replace a portion of your video with a single PowerPoint Slide or another file such as a .DOCX.
mceclip4.png Insert a Video Insert a video clip and append it to the existing video or override a portion of your video with a new video clip. You can use an existing VIUTube video or upload and add a new MP4 video.
mceclip5.png Image Tools Add a watermark, blur region, or virtual backgrounds to brand or hide sensitive information in your video.
mceclip6.png Add Text Overlay Add text to your video.
mceclip7.png Add Telestration Draw directly on your video.
advanced_mode.png Advanced Mode Enable to view all Video Editor tools.
mceclip8.png Captions Open and edit the associated captions for your video.
mceclip9.png List of Actions Track the actions performed in your editing session.


Once your video has been uploaded to VIUTube, you can add Indexes to your video. Indexes allow users who are watching your video to see an overview of what sort of sections or topics will be covered in your video and will allow them to skip to the sections or topics that are most relevant to them. 

  1. Hover over a media file that you would like to create or edit the video indexes for and click Edit to open up the Video Editor.

  2. Click the Advanced Mode button.

  3. Click the Index icon (list icon). 

  4. Below is the list of available actions for editing the index.
      • Add an index entry: Add a new index entry based on the location of the media's seek bar by clicking on the Add Index at mm:ss button.
      • Update the index timestamps: Adjust the times for each index entry by clicking on the input field below the index thumbnail.
      • Delete an index entry: Remove any unwanted index entry by clicking on the Trash icon.
      • Edit the title of each index entry: Change the index title to correct wording, etc.
      • Adjust formatting to create an index structure: Change the index structure by selecting the dropdown items under Normal and No Indent.

  5. Once done, click the Save button at the top of the page to save all your changes.