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VIUTube Editing Tools

You can edit any video that you have uploaded to VIUTube by using VIUTube's built in editor

Edit a VIUTube Video

  1. Navigate to VIUTube and click Guest. From the drop-down menu, select My Media.

  2. Login using your VIU Computer Account credentials.
  3. Find and click on the video you wish to edit. 

  4. Below the video, click Actions. Select Launch Editor from the drop-down menu.

  5. Make any edits and choose Save a Copy or Save to keep your changes. In most cases, we would recommend clicking Save a Copy, as this option will keep your original video in tact in case you need to go back and re-edit it. 

  6. Close the editor by clicking the Exit (arrow icon) in the bottom left hand corner.
Tool Description Icon
Split Use to cut your segment at the selected point. Split
Set In/Out Use to set cue points on your time line. Set In, Set Out
Delete Use to delete the selected segment. Delete
Fade In/Out Use to set fade in/out cue points on your selected segment. Fade In/Out
Reset Resets the Timeline to its last saved state. Reset
Undo Undoes the last action you preformed on the Timeline. Undo
Redo Retracts the last action you performed on the Timeline. Redo
Zoom marker Use to enlarge the timeline display granularity. Timeline Zoom
Show/Hide Audio Show or hide the audio tracks on the Timeline. Select Audio
Handlebars Use to select a specific segment of video. Only visible when the Timeline is selected. Handlebars


When editing a video in VIUTube, you can add Hotspots to your video. Hotspots allow you to insert an annotation ontop of your video that when clicked, will direct users to different portion of your video or will direct users to another website or video.

  1. Find the video you wish to edit. Click the Actions text below the video and select Launch Editor from the dropdown menu.

  2. Click the Hotspots tab on the left hand side of the screen.

  3. Navigate to the location in the video where you wish to create a Hotspot. Then, click the Add Hotspot button.

  4. Insert the label for your Hotspot into the Text field.

  5. Choose whether you would like this Hotspot to take users to a different website/video (URL) when clicked, or whether you would like the Hotspot to take users to a different Time in this video.

  6. If you chose the URL option, paste the link to the different website/video into the Link to field. 

  7. If you chose the Time in this video option, insert the time you wish for this hotspot to take users to into the Time input field. 

  8. If you wish, you can edit additional settings regarding you Hotspot (such as size, background color, Text Size, etc.) by clicking the Advanced Settings text.

  9. Once you have finished editing, click the Done button.

  10. By default, your Hotspot will be added in the upper left hand corner of your video. If you wish to change the location that the Hotspot will appear in, you can do so by clicking and holding the Hotspot. Then, drag your mouse to the location on the screen where you would like the Hotspot to be displayed. Release the mouse button to place the Hotspot in the new location. 

  11. By default, your Hotspot will appear on screen for the remaining duration of the video. If you wish for your Hotspot to disappear after a certain amount of time, you can do so by clicking on the Handlebars on your Hotspot in the Timeline. Drag and and drop the ending Handlebar on the Hotspot to shorten the duration that it will appear on screen.

  12. Once you have finished adding Hotspots to your media, click the Save button. 

  13. Click the Exit button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to exit the editor and to return back to your video. 


Once your video has been uploaded to VIUTube, you can add Chapters to your video. Chapters allow users who are watching your video to see an overview of what sort of sections or topics will be covered in your video and will allow them to skip to the sections or topics that are most relevant to them. 

If you have recorded a video using VIUTube's Personal Capture and used a PowerPoint presentation, VIUTube will automatically add Chapters to your video based on the headings in your slide.

  1. Find the video you wish to edit. Click the Actions text below the video and select Edit from the dropdown menu.

  2. Click the Timeline tab. 

  3. A timeline will appear. Click on the location in the timeline where you wish to add a Chapter to. 

  4. Click the Create a New Chapter button (flag icon). 

  5. Give your Chapter a title in the Chapter Title field.

  6. If you wish, describe what will be covered in the chapter in the Chapter Description field. 

  7. By default, VIUTube will automatically generate a thumbnail for the chapter. If you wish to have a different image appear in the thumbnail, click the Upload button to find and select the image file you wish to make the thumbnail for this chapter.

  8. You can adjust the exact time your chapter will appear in by editing the Timing field. 

  9. Enter tags to make the chapter more easily searchable by entering tags into the Tag field. 

  10. Once you are ready, click the Save button.