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Sharing Quiz Feedback with Students

Quiz feedback can come in a variety of forms. You can add question-level feedback for all students when you create questions in the Question Library, or enter specific feedback for a student at the attempt or question level when manually grading an attempt. In order for students to see this feedback, you need to set up a Submission View that includes this feedback. 

Publish Students' Quiz Attempts

In order for students to see any information about their completed quiz, you will need to publish the quiz results. You can set your quiz up to automatically publish or you can manually publish the results. We recommend only automatically publishing quiz results if you do not need to manually review or grade responses.

  1. From you VIULearn course homepage, select Assessment in the course navigation bar. From the dropdown menu, select Quizzes.

  2. Click the downward arrow next to the quiz you would like to publish. From the dropdown menu, select Grade.

  3. By default, VIULearn will only display 20 students per page. In order to release student's feedback all at once, you will want all the students to be displayed on the same page. To change how many students are displayed per page, scroll down and click the per page input field. From the dropdown menu, select either 100 or 200 per page to get all your students on the same page.

  4. Select all the students on the page by clicking the checkbox next to the First Name, Last Name column.

  5. Click the Publish Feedback button. 

  6. Click the blue Yes button to confirm.

Set Up Submission Views

The default Submission View will show students their score on an automatically graded quiz but no other information. You can customize this default view, but we recommend instead that you set up Additional Views and do not edit the Default view.

Students will only see one submission view at a time for their quiz, but the VIULearn Quiz Tool allows you to set up multiple submission views so that you can control when students see what information. Rather than having an expiration date or time, each submission view has a start date and time and students will see only the most recently released view.

  1. Select Assessment in the course navigation bar and choose Quizzes

  2. Click on the name of your quiz to open the Editing screen. 

  3. Click the Submission Views tab.

  4. Click the Add Additional View button.

  5. Give your Submission View a name that is meaningful to you.

  6. You can add some general information or feedback in the Message box which will appear for all students or leave this field blank. 
  7. Under View Restrictions, set the date and time after which you want students to see this view. 
    • Often, instructors will choose to set up their initial submission view to be visible after the quiz has closed for all students. 

  8. We recommend not using IP Address restrictions or the Limited Duration field unless you have first consulted with a Learning Technology Support Specialist about how these fields work.
  9. Set your View Details to reflect what information you want to include in the Submission View. 
    • We recommend not including the class average or score distribution if your Submission View will be visible before all students have completed their quiz attempt in order to preserve the anonymity of individual students' scores. 

  10. Once you have finished editing, click the blue Save button.

  11. Once you have finished editing the quiz, click the blue Save and Close button.  

Written feedback in Quizzes can be set at the attempt level, the question level, or the answer-option level. Feedback left at the attempt level from the grading screen is visible in every submission view, even if you do not choose to show students any other information about the quiz. 

Feedback added at the question or answer option level is only visible if you choose on of these three options which shows students their response as well as the question(s). Note that students will only see the feedback for the questions included in the submission view.

  • Show questions answered incorrectly 
  • Show questions answered correctly
  • Show all questions with user responses

Question and answer feedback can be set up when you create your questions, or can be added during grading if you want to give personalized feedback to a specific learner. 

Tips for Question Level Feedback

Do not repeat feedback in the question option and overall feedback boxes. Students only see one feedback field per question with the overall question feedback listed first, followed by answer-level feedback for every answer they selected. 

When adding feedback for a specific answer option, keep in mind that students will not see this feedback in line with that option. Add any context information needed to understand the feedback when it appears below the question instead. 

Because submission views do not have an end date option, many instructors set up at least two Additional Views: one that shows students quiz questions and feedback, and one that reduces the amount of detail students can see once they have had time to review the quiz results. 

When you have multiple submission views set up on a quiz, students will only see the most recently released submission view. Here is an example: 

My midterm quiz gives students one hour to complete and submit their quiz. The quiz can be accessed until 2:00 pm on October 18. I want students to be able to review the questions they got wrong and see my feedback and the correct answer for those questions until after my office hours on October 21, which end at 4:00 pm. After this time, I want students to only see their score and the overall attempt feedback. To accomplish this I will set up the following two Additional Views on my quiz: 

Quiz Review
Date: October 18, 2021 3:00 PM
Show Questions? Show questions answered incorrectly
Show question answers: Yes
Score: Show attempt score and overall attempt score
Statistics: None

Quiz Score and Overall Feedback
Date: October 21, 2021 4:00 PM
Show Questions? No
Score: Show attempt score and overall attempt score
Statistics: None

With these two views set, my students will see the Default View (which, since I didn't change the default settings, will show them their score but no question details) when they submit their quiz. Beginning one hour after the quiz closes for all students, they will be able to see my Quiz Review view which includes the questions they answered incorrectly along with the correct answers, my feedback, and their score. This view will remain visible for all students until 4:00 PM on October 21 when that view will be automatically replaced by my Quiz Score and Overall Feedback view which hides the questions but still allows students to see their quiz score.