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Add Users

If you have set your Site Visibility settings to Visible only to registered users of this network and would like to give a user access to your site or if you would like users to be able to create or edit content on your site, you can do so by adding them as a user to your site. 

There are two different methods you can use to add a user to your site. 

  1. Add Existing User: Use this option to invite VIU employees or students to join your site. The student or employee will need to have logged into VIUBlogs at least once using their VIU Computer Account credentials. If the user is a student, they will also need to have inserted and confirmed an email address in their Profile Settings in order for you to be able to add them to your site using this method. You will need to have the user's email address in order to send them an invitation to join your site. 

  2. Add New User: Use this option to invite external people to join your site. If the person accepts the invitation to join your site they will use the username you assign them and a password they create when they accept the invitation to access your site. 

Add Users to your VIUBlog Site

  1. While logged into VIUBlogs, navigate to the dashboard of your VIUBlog site.

  2. Click Users in the navigation sidebar.

  3. Click the Add New button.

  4. Choose which addition method to use to add the user to your site (Add Existing User or Add New User) and fill out the required fields.

  5. Select the Role you wish to assign to the user.

  6. Click either the Add Existing User or Add New User button.

  7. An invitation email request will be sent to your user. That user will need to click on the link in this invitation email request before they are added to your VIUBlog site. If your user has not received this email after a few hours, please prompt them to check their spam and junk folders.