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How VIUTube Manages Employee and Student Data

In order to support teaching and learning at VIU, personally identifiable data about employees and students is collected and stored by the learning technologies in use at VIU. Access to and use of this data is governed by the Use of Information Technology policy (45.01) at VIU for all employees. This page provides some information about the specific data collected by VIUTube. This page is designed to help instructors at VIU make informed decisions when using technology at VIU. If you have any concerns or questions about privacy, security, or compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), please contact

VIUTube is VIU’s video streaming platform, powered by YuJa. Employees and students can use VIUTube to create, store, and share video and audio content. Employees who use Zoom cloud recording will use VIUTube for longer term storage of recorded Zoom meetings. Instructors may also use VIUTube to create video quizzes for their courses. VIUTube is integrated with VIULearn to allow students and instructors to easily use video in the online learning environment. All data for YuJa is stored on AWS servers in Montreal, QB.

Data Required for Account Creation

All VIU employees and students who access VIUTube directly or visit a page that contains VIUtube media within VIULearn are automatically given a VIUTube account. When a user account is created, VIUTube gathers and stored the following information:

  1. First name (or Preferred Name from the Student Record if this field is filled out)

  2. Last name

  3. Email address

  4. Course enrolments (if VIUTube is used in the course you will be automatically enrolled in the course collection on VIUTube)

  5. Role at VIU (Student or Employee)

Data Collected During Use

VIUTube will collect analytic data on users. The exact information gathered will vary depending on a number of factors. If you are using video in your VIULearn course and do not want to gather analytics data about how your students interact with the content, please contact the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning to learn how you can minimize how much data is collected for your media.

When a user watches a video or takes a video quiz the following information may be gathered and shared with the owner of the media as part of media analytics. This data will be connected to the VIUTube user account:

  1. Amount of time spent watching media

  2. Response on any quiz questions

Data Access

Media uploaded to VIUTube is unlisted by default. This means that by default only those who are given a direct link to your media or who have access to somewhere the media is embedded can see your media. As the owner of any media object, you can choose to restrict access to your media or share it with others.

CIEL technology support staff have the ability to access any video in the system in order to administer the system and assist VIU instructors and students with the platform. Access by CIEL staff to VIUTube content is only on an as needed basis to support the VIU community and is carried out in compliance with university policies and procedures that protect confidentiality of personal information.

YuJa support staff will only access media on an as needed basis to assist with keeping the platform functioning or to help an end user with a specific issue on request from that end user.

Data Retention

To minimize the amount of personal information retained by VIU, the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning will implement a process to automatically delete media that is no longer needed on VIUTube. Any media you are not required to keep (media used to make decisions, such as assigning a grade, should always be retained for one year), can be deleted by the media owner at any time. Media that is deleted is removed permanently and cannot be restored.