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Allow Students to Retake Incorrect Questions

In VIULearn, you can allow students to attempt quizzes multiple times. If you have given students two or more attempts at the quiz, there is an option in the Assessment settings of the quiz to allow students to only retake the questions that they answered incorrectly on their prior attempt. Doing so will mean that students will not have to answer and will be automatically rewarded marks on the questions that they previously answered correctly on the quiz.

When re-taking the quiz, students will be able to see what questions they previously got correct, but will not be able to edit their answer. For questions answered incorrectly, students will not be able to see how they answered that question on their previous attempt. 

In order for students to be able to take another attempt at the quiz with this setting enabled, their previous attempt at the quiz must be set to be automatically marked as graded upon completion or the attempt will need to be manually graded and published.

  1. In the course navigation bar, select Assessment. From the dropdown menu, select Quizzes. 

  2. Click on the name of the quiz you wish to edit. 

    Alternatively, if you are creating a new quiz, click the New Quiz button. Then, give your new quiz a name. 

  3. Click the Attempts & Completion  tab. 

  4. Click Manage Attempts.

  5. If you have not done so already, underneath the Attempts Allowed heading, select the number of attempts you would like to give to your students (1-10 or unlimited).

  6. Underneath the Retake Incorrect Questions Only heading, select the checkbox next to On new attempts, only allow answers for previously incorrect questions.

  7. Once you have finished editing the attempts settings, click the OK button.

  8. Click the Save and Close button.