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Create VIUTube Media

VIUTube is VIU's media streaming platform. You can upload video and audio files to VIUTube and then share your media with others either by sending a link or by embedding your media in a webpage or course discussion. All media uploaded to VIUTube is stored and processed in Canada to protect your privacy. 

Login and Access VIUTube

  1. Navigate to VIULearn and click the Go to VIULearn button. 

  2. Login using your VIU Computer Account credentials. 

  3. Select VIUTube in the My Home Navigation or Course Navigation bar. 

Upload Media to VIUTube

There are two ways you can upload media to VIUTube. You can drag and drop the media directly into the Media Library or you can upload media by using the upload interface. 

Uploading Media Files Using Drag-and-Drop

One-click drag-and-drop uploads enable quick access and uploading of a variety of types of media.

  1. Choose Manage Media at the top of the screen.

  2. Drag-and-drop one file or more into the Media Library from your Desktop or file browser. Release the mouse button once you see the Drag-and-drop graphic appear on screen. The upload will begin automatically.

Uploading through the Add Media Dialog

The Upload interface provides a simple way to upload one or more media files, customizing captioning, and publication options in one step.

  1. Click on Upload.

  2. Select from a variety of file types including video files, audio files, documents, and VR videos. 

  3. Make selections about Publishing, Managing Captions, and Tags directly from the Add Media interface.

  4. Click the Browse button. Find and select the file you wish to upload from your file manager. 

  5. Once you've uploaded your file, you will see a docked uploading interface appear in the lower right of your screen.

Please note that once your media has finished uploading, your media will need to go through a processing phase before it can be played. Longer videos may take several minutes to process. Automatic Closed Captions will be generated for your video after the initial processing is complete.

Create a Video with Software or Browser Capture

In addition to uploading video or audio files from your computer to VIUTube, you can use Software Capture or Browser Capture to create videos that can be automatically uploaded to your Media Library. 

Yuja Software Capture

Yuja Software Capture offers a simple, free way to create and capture video and share it through VIUTube.

In order to use Software Capture, you will need to download and install a small application to your device. Software capture is not currently available for tablets or mobile phones. Once you have downloaded the program, you can launch it from the Create Recording menu on VIUTube. 

Software Capture allows for 2 audio, video, and screen feeds to be recorded simultaneously. The audio feed can be connected to your microphone and the computer's system audio. You also have the option to record all or part of your screen. 

  • Processor: 2 GHz x86 – or x64-bit Dual-Core Processor (Recommended: 2.4 GHz, Quad-Core)
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB RAM (Recommended: 4 GB RAM)
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB for install (approximately 250 MB per hour of content for temporary storage)
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 (both 32 and 64 bit versions), or macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or higher. 
  • USB Webcam/Mic: Required for local video and audio capture
  1. Navigate to VIUTube and choose Create Recording at the top of the screen.

  2. Make sure that Record from your Windows PC or Mac is selected. Then select Download.

  3. Find and double click the installation file. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the application.

  4. If after installing the file nothing appears on screen, try restarting your computer and launching the application from VIUTube. 
  1. Login and navigate to VIUTube and click Create Recording at the top of the screen.

  2. Make sure that the Record from your Windows PC or Mac option is selected from the dropdown menu and then click StartThe installed copy of the Software Capture application should open on your computer.

Once you have opened Software Capture, you can select which inputs you want to include in your recording. Software Capture can capture up to two camera inputs, two audio input (microphone and system audio), and two computer screen inputs (if dual monitors are being used). Turn off one or more inputs by clicking on the icon for that input and then clicking the toggle button next to the source. You must have at least one input enabled to begin a recording. 

  1. For each enabled input, click the label below the Source heading to select what device to use in the recording. 

  2. For webcamera/video recordings, the default resolution will be 480p (640x480). If you would like to record a higher quality video, we would recommend switching the capture resolution to 720p (1280x720) or 1080p (1920x1080). The higher the resolution is on your video, the longer it will take for VIUTube to upload and process your video.
    1. Click the Video heading and then select the Advanced Settings text.

    2. Choose your preferred capture resolution, video quality, and frame rate settings.

    3. Once you have finished editing, click Save to save your changes.
  3. For screen recordings, you can choose between recording two screens, a single screen, recording the full screen, or a selected portion of the screen.
    1. Click the Screen heading and then select the Advanced Settings text.

    2. Click the label below the Display(s) to Capture heading and select your preferred screen capture method from the dropdown menu.

    3. Once you have finished editing, click Save to save your changes.
  1. Give your video a title by typing some text into the Title field.

  2. Make any necessary recording selections, including video, audio and screen.

  3. Press the Start button to begin your capture.

  4. If necessary, click the Pause button to pause the recording. Press Play when you are ready to resume recording. 

  5. Stop by clicking the Finish button (square icon) on the application, the Recording Toolbar or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F, the default hotkey sequence. The hotkey can be changed if desired. 

  6. Press Delete if you don’t want to keep the file.

  7. Click Save to save and upload your capture recording to your Media Library in VIUTube. 

Browser Capture

Browser Capture allows you to record a simple video using your webcam, microphone, and/or computer screen directly from your Internet Browser without the need to install any additional software. Your Browser Capture video can then be uploaded directly to VIUTube with a click of a button. 

  • Browser: Latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based), or Firefox browsers.
  • Operating System: Windows 10, macOS 10.15 or higher, or the latest ChromeOS.
  • Internet Connection: A stable connection of 8-10mbps download and 3-6mbps upload is recommended.
  1. Navigate to VIUTube and click Create Recording at the top of the screen.

  2. Make sure that Browser Capture Studio is selected. 

  3. Enter a title for the recording and click Start to launch.

  4. Configure the Browser Capture Options.
    • Recording Options: Choose to record a camera, screen, or both. Internal audio recording can be enabled or disabled. If you do not want either your camera or your screen to be recorded, click either the Camera, Screen, or Both icons to disable the input. A disabled input will be greyed out, while an enabled input will be blue. 

    • Audio: If you wish to change the audio source, click the arrow underneath the microphone icon and select a new source from the list of available choices. If you do not want to include a microphone source in your recording, click the Off button.

    • Video Camera: If you wish to change the video/webcamera source, click the arrow underneath the video camera icon and select a new source from the list of available choices. If you do not want to include a webcamera source in your recording, click the Off button.

  5. When ready to record, click Start Recording. 

  6. Once the recording is completed, click End Recording.

  7. Choose to Download, Upload or Discard the recording. 
    • Download: Download the recording as a single stream .webm file that is playable in the web browser. 

    • Upload: The recording will be uploaded to your My Media area. 

    • Discard: The recording will be deleted and nothing will be uploaded.

  8. Upon successful upload, you will see one or more completed bars.

  9. If there's ever an issue during the upload process, a retry button will appear to attempt uploading again.