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Upload VIUTube Media from a Mobile Device

If you have recorded a video using your mobile device and wish to upload that recording to VIUTUbe, you can do so by either uploading the video to your iCloud, Google Drive, or some other sort of file storage or transferring platform. You can then download the file to your desktop or laptop computer and follow the standard instructions for uploading media to VIUTube.

If you do not wish to use a third party storage or transferring platform, you can also upload media from your mobile device directly to your VIUTube account. In order to do so, you will need to download and install the YuJa Mobile Application.

  • Operating System: iOS 11 or higher or Android 7 (Android Nougat) or higher 
  • Camera / Mic: For video and audio recording
  1. On your mobile device, find and navigate to either the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (IOS). 

  2. Using the search function, type and search for YuJa Mobile. 

  3. Click the download button beside the YuJa Mobile icon and follow the on-screen prompts.

You won't be able to login to the YuJa Mobile application by directly opening the application. In order to login to the application, you will first need to open your internet browser and login to VIULearn. You can then launch the YuJa Mobile application from your VIULearn account.

  1. Open your Internet Browser application and navigate to

  2. Click the Go to VIULearn button and login using your VIU computer account credentials.

  3. Click the hamburger menu (3 vertical lines) in the upper left hand corner. Select VIUTube from the dropdown menu. 
    • If you are receiving a "please enable third-party cookies" error message at this point, please refer to the instructions below on how to enable third-party cookies. 

  4. Click the View using the YuJa Mobile app option.

  5. Click the here text in step 2 to open the YuJa app. Alternatively, if you are using an unsupported browser (such as Safari) copy the link provided and paste that link in a new internet browser tab. 

  6. If prompted, click Open to open the page in the YuJa mobile application. 
  1. Click the Uploads tab. 

  2. Click the upload button in the bottom right hand corner. 

  3. Choose whether to upload a video, image, or audio file. If prompted, allow YuJa to access your photo library.

  4. Find and select the media file you wish to upload.

  5. Click the Choose button.

  6. Click on the My Mobile upload... input field to change the title of your video. Give your new video a description if desired. 

  7. Click the Upload button in the upper right hand corner.

  8. Click OK. 

  9. Swipe down to close the upload menu. You should see a progress bar indicating that your video is uploading. Once it has finished uploading, you can view the video and grab the link to the video by accessing VIUTube on a desktop or laptop computer. 

If you are receiving a "please enable third-party cookies" error message when attempting to click the VIUTube tab in VIULearn, then you will need to allow third-party cookies and cross-site tracking in your internet browser in order to be able to launch the YuJa Mobile application.

You can find instructions on how to enable third-party cookies and cross-site tracking here: