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Accommodations and Special Access

Some learners may require extra time to take a quiz due to a disability, or may need an extended deadline for the quiz. You as the instructor can give learners the access that they need, without having to create a new copy of your quiz.

VIULearn allow you to set up course level accommodations for students who will need the same timing accommodation for all quizzes in your course, or quiz level Special Access to give a student additional time or attempts to a single quiz, or to give a student different start, end, and due dates for that quiz. 


If your student needs to have the same timing accommodations for all the quizzes in your course, you can do so by entering their Accommodations in the Classlist tool.

  1. From the course navigation bar, select Communication. Then select Classlist from the dropdown menu.

  2. Click the arrow beside the name of the student you want to set accommodations for. Choose Edit Accommodations from the dropdown menu.
  3. Under timing, you can choose to modify the allowed time either by multiplying it (1.5 time, for example) or adding a set number of minutes that the student will receive as extra time on top of the time allowed in the quiz settings. 

  4. Under Controls, you can check the box to always allow right click for students who may rely on speech-to-text technology. 

  5. Once you have adjusted the settings, click Save.

If you ever need to adjust this student’s settings for a single quiz, you can still use Special Access to enter one-time exceptions. If a student has both an Accommodation setting and a Special Access setting on a quiz, Special Access will take precedence over the course-wide Accommodation setting. 

If you give a student who has an Accommodation setting Special Access, you will see a warning letting you know what settings are being replaced. 

Special Access

Some learners may require extra time to take a quiz due to a disability, or may need an extended deadline for the quiz. You as the instructor can give learners the access that they need, without having to create a new copy of your quiz.

  1. From the Course Navigation Bar, click Assessment > Quizzes.

  2. Find the quiz you want to add Special Access to. Click on the downward arrow beside it.

  3. From the dropdown menu, select Edit.

  4. Click on the Restrictions tab.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the Special Access heading.

  6. Underneath the Types of Access heading, select one of the two available options: 
    • The Allow selected users special access to this quiz option will allow you to apply special conditions such as extra time, more attempts, or an extended due date to a particular student or students.
    • The allow only users with special access to see this quiz option will make it so that only students who have been given Special Access will be allowed to take the quiz.
  7. Once you have selected your preferred option, click the Add Users to Special Access button. 

  8. Before setting Special Access options, you want to make sure you can see the student(s) you are setting Special Access for at the bottom of the page. By default, only 20 students will show up in the list. You can do this by clicking on the Results per page button in the bottom right hand corner. From the drop-down menu, select either 50, 100, or 200 per page to allow your entire classlist to appear on the page.
    • Changing the number of users per page will refresh the page, so you want to make sure this is set before adjusting any other settings on the page
  10. Change any of the Special Access Properties required. You can change the following properties in Special Access:

    Change Quiz Due Date and/or Availability: 

    1. You can change the Due Date or Availability of the quiz by clicking on the date underneath either the Due Date, the Start Date, or the End Date heading.

    2. This will bring up a calendar. Click on the arrows at the top of the calendar to scroll through the month. 

    3. Once you have found the appropriate month, click on the date to select and input that date.

    4. To change the Due Date or Availability time, click on the time in the time input field. A dropdown menu will appear displaying all possible time options in 30 minute intervals. Find and click on the new time that you would like to set the quiz to. You can also enter in more specific times by typing in your time into the time input field. 

    Change Quiz Timing:

    1. Underneath the Timing heading, select either the Recommended Time Limit or Enforced Time Limit checkbox.

    2. For Recommended Time Limits: 
      • Change the recommended time limit that will be displayed at the start of the quiz by typing in a new time in minutes into the time limit field. 

    3. For Enforced Time Limits: 
      • Change the time limit available to the student by typing a new time in minutes into the time limit field. 

      • If you’d like, you can also assign an alternative grace period time by clicking on the Assign an Alternative Grace Period checkbox and then typing in a new grace period time into the grace period input field.

      • You can also change the time limit behavior options by clicking the Assign an alternative behavior for exceeding the time limit checkbox. From there, select one of the three options available. 

    Change Allowed Quiz Attempts:

    1. To allow another quiz attempt, change the quiz attempt restriction by checking the Override attempts allowed checkbox. 

    2. Under the Attempts Allowed heading, click on the Attempts Allowed field.

    3. From the dropdown menu, select a new attempt number between 1-10 or select Unlimited.

    4. Click the white Apply button. 
    Advanced Attempt Conditions

    If you apply a new attempt number between the numbers 2-10, the advanced attempt conditions options will appear. These options will allow you to specify what percentage a student needs to achieve on the prior attempt in order to qualify for another attempt. If you would like all special access students to get another attempt regardless of what they achieved on their last attempt, leave theses input fields blank.

    To change the advanced attempt condition options:

    1. Input the minimum percentage a student needs to achieve on the previous quiz in order to qualify for another attempt in the Min input field. 

    2. Input the maximum a student can achieve in order to qualify for another attempt by inputting a percentage into the Max field. 
  1. Once you have finished changing the Special Access Properties, scroll down to the Users heading and select the student(s) who you would like to give the Special Access to by clicking on the checkbox next to their name(s) in the left-hand column. 

  2. Once you have selected the student(s) that you would like to give special access to, click the blue Add Special Access button.

  3. You can always check what Special Access you have given to students by scrolling down to the Special Access heading in the Restrictions tab. Once you have given students Special Access you will see their names and the type of access you have given them appear underneath the Add Users to Special Access button.

  4. Click the blue Save and Close button.