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In VIUBlogs, you can choose to enable certain plugins on your VIUBlog site. These plugins will unlock additional features or tools that you may find useful. Some of the most commonly used plugins include the civil footnotes plugin (Allows you to add footnotes to a page/post) and the H5P Plugin (allows you to upload, create, and share interactive content).

Enable a Plugin on a VIUBlog Site

  1. In the Dashboard of your VIUBlog site, click Plugins from the navigation sidebar. 

  2. A list of all the plugins available on VIUBlogs will be listed. If you wish to view a specific plugin in more detail, click the View Details text. Some plugins will give a description regarding how to use that plugin in the FAQ tab. 

  3. Click the Activate text underneath the plugin you wish to enable on your VIUBlog site.