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Create Quiz

The Quiz Tool allows you to create quizzes and exams in VIULearn. Depending on the question types you choose, your quizzes can be self-marking, or require you to go over student submissions and grade them. VIULearn Quizzes are powerful tools with a variety of settings. For a comprehensive overview of all of the settings in the Quiz tool, watch the view on the Quiz Overview page. This page will focus on the basic steps for setting up a quiz once you have already created quiz questions in the Question Library.

  1. Select Assessment  and Quizzes  from the course navigation bar. 

  2. Click the blue New Quiz button.

  3. The first screen that will load is the Properties Tab. From this page you can: 
    • Give your quiz a name (required)
    • Put your quiz in a category 
    • Add or Edit quiz questions (required) 
    • Add a description and introduction 
    • Add text for the header and/or footer of each quiz page
    • Set optional advanced properties: 
      • Allow hints
      • Disable right click (not recommended as users with accessibility needs may require the ability to right click in order to complete your quiz) 
      • Disable email, instant messages, and alerts (this will prevent students from accessing their email inside VIULearn until they submit the quiz)
      • Add a Notification Email so you will be notified by email every time a quiz attempt is submitted 
  4. Once you have entered a name for your quiz, click Add/Edit Questions 

  5. You will be taken to a screen where you can choose to Add or Import. 
    • Use Add to create a new Section or Question Pool for your quiz 
    • Use Import to import questions from your Question Library 
  6. When you are finished adding and importing questions for your quiz, click Back to Settings for Quiz to return to the Properties tab.

  7. Go to the Restrictions tab. On this tab you can: 
    • Make your quiz visible to students.
    • Set a due date, start date, and end date for the quiz.
    • Attach Release Conditions. 
    •  Set a quiz time limit and late behaviour. 
    • Set up special access for learners who need accommodations.

  8. When you have finished making changes on the Restrictions tab, go to the Assessment tab to: 
    • Choose whether you want the quiz to grade automatically,
    • Connect your quiz to a grade item. 
    • Select whether or not to automatically export quiz marks to Grades. 
    • Choose the number of attempts you want students to have for the quiz and how you want to calculate student grades on quizzes with multiple attempts.
  9. If you want to allow your students to see information about the quiz or questions, set up a Submission View on the Submission View tab. 

  10. Once you have finished setting up your quiz, click Save and Close.

You can adjust any of the settings used in creating your quiz at any time by editing the quiz.

  1. Select Assessment and then Quizzes from the course navigation bar. 

  2. Click on the name of the quiz you want to edit. 

  3. Adjust any settings on the Properties, Restrictions, Assessment, or Submission Views tabs.

  4. When you are finished making changes, click Save and Close

In order to help students easily find quizzes at the point in the course where you want them to complete the quiz attempt, you can add your quiz to Content. 

  1. Click Content from the course navigation bar. 

  2. Select the Module or Sub-Module that you want the Quiz to be located in.

  3. Use the grey Existing Activities button to choose Quizzes.

  4. Select your quiz from the list by clicking directly on it.

  5. The quiz will appear at the bottom of the Module or Sub-Module.