VIU Campus

Media Security Settings

By editing the Security Settings for your VIUTube media, you can choose who and how your media can be accessed outside of VIUTube. 

  1. Navigate to the Manage Media area and find the video you wish to change the Security Settings for. 

  2. Hover over the media in question and click More....

  3. Navigate to the Links tab.

  4. Click the Security Settings button. 

  5. Choose whether you wish for the media to be Private or Public:
    • Private: Make the media private and inaccessible to other users when accessing them via a direct link or when embedded into an external website. Private media cannot be searched for by other users in VIUTube or in Internet search engines. You may want to choose this option if the media contains sensitive information and you wish to share it with only a specific user in VIUTube via the Share function. 

    • Public: Anyone that can access the website that the video has been embedded into or anyone with the direct link to the video can view the content. Unlisted media cannot be searched for by other users in VIUTube or in Internet search engines. 

  6. Once the Security Settings are set to Public, users can put in Additional Restrictions for their shared media.
    • Password or Authentication Restriction: Set a password or require users to login to their VIUTube account in order to access the shared media. The Platform Authentication Restriction option can only be used if you are sharing the media with current VIU employees. Current VIU students will not be able to authenticate their account using this method and will not be able to view the media if a Platform Authentication Restriction has been set. 

    • Date Restriction: Set a date range the media content will be available for.

    • IP Range and Address Restriction: Set the specific IP ranges where the shared media will be accessible.

    • Location Restriction: Set the geographic restriction where the shared media can be accessed.

    • Domain Restriction: Set the domains where the shared media can only be accessible from. You can use this setting to make it so that your media can only be viewed when embedded into a VIULearn course. To do so, click and then click the < sign. Then insert into the input field on the left and click the > sign to add VIULearn into the Domain Restriction box. 

  7. Once you are ready, click Save to apply all your changes.