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Replace or Remove Media

Replacing Media

In VIUTube, there is an option to replace a video that you had previously uploaded to VIUTube with another video that you have uploaded into VIUTube. This feature can be helpful if you have a video uploaded to your VIUTube account but you wish to re-record and update the contents in this video.

By replacing the video you have already uploaded to your VIUTube account, this will save you the step of having to re-add your newly updated video to your VIULearn course or website. Furthermore, if anyone has access to the old VIUTube link, they will still be able to use that link in order to access the updated version of the video, as the link will remain the same. 

To begin, you will first need to upload the updated video to VIUTube. You can find steps on how to Upload Media to VIUTube on our website.

Any content uploaded, embedded, or linked to on VIUTube is subject to Canadian copyright law. Please ensure that your content is either appropriately licensed, falls under Fair Dealing, or is your own. Please make sure to advise your students of appropriate use and sharing of copyright protected content.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Copyright Office at and review the copyright Instructors Guide.

To Replace Media in VIUTube:

  1. Log into VIUTube and click on Manage Media.

  2. Hover over the media that you wish to replace and choose More... to open the Media Details page.

  3. Click on Actions, then select Replace Media.

  4. Choose the new media that you would like to replace the original media with.

  5. Select whether you would like to preserve a copy of the original media. Click the OK button to proceed with your selected choice.

  6. Once the media is replaced with the new media content, everywhere where the original media was linked or embedded will also be automatically updated to the new media.  

  7. Click Save General to save your changes.

Deleting Media

Any media that has been uploaded to VIUTube can be manually deleted at anytime by either the original owner of the media or by anyone who has been granted Full Access permissions to that media. Deleting media removes content from both your Media Collection and any associated locations where it is shared or published. You can delete individual VIUTube media, delete media in bulk, or delete entire media folders and their contents 

  1. In your Media Library, find and hover over the VIUTube media in question. Select Delete from the popup menu. 

  2. Type Confirm into the input field provided. 

  3. Click the Yes button to confirm. 
  1. In your Media Library, find and single-click on the folder in question.

  2. Click the More Actions button at the top of the page. Select Delete Folder from the dropdown menu. 

  3. Type Confirm into the input field provided. 

  4. Click the Yes button to confirm. 
  1. Log into VIUTube and navigate to where the media is located. 

  2. Click and hold the CTRL or Command key on your keyboard. Then click on the media and/or folders in question. Alternatively, if you wish to delete all media within the same folder or location, click the More Actions button and click Select All from the dropdown menu. 
    • Your media will need to be located all within the same location in order to be eligible for bulk deletion. Moving to a different folder or location in VIUTube will cause you to loose your selections. 
  3. If it has not already been selected, click the More Actions button at the top of the page. Select Bulk Delete from the dropdown menu. 

  4. Type Confirm into the input field provided. 

  5. Click the Yes button to confirm. 

Recover Deleted Media

Media that has been deleted by a user in VIUTube will remain in the user's Recycle Bin for 60 days. After 60 days, any media items that are still located in the Recycle Bin will be permentatly deleted from the system and cannot be recovered. 

If it has been less than 60 days since you have manually deleted a VIUTube video or folder, it is possible to retrieve and restore that media or folder to your Media Library

To Restore Deleted Media:

  1. In VIUTube, click the profile icon at the top of the page. Select My Account from the dropdown menu. 

  2. Click the Recycle Bin option (trashcan icon) in the navigation sidebar.

  3. Hover over the media in question. Click Restore to restore and move the media back to your Media Library.
    • If you are attempting to restore a folder, you will need to click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and then select Restore from the dropdown menu. 
  4. Click Yes to confirm.