VIU Campus

Set Site Homepage

The homepage of your VIUBlogs site is the page that loads first when anyone goes to your site. By default, your VIUBlog homepage is set up to show a feed of your most recent posts, but you can edit the homepage for your site from your Dashboard. 

Set a Custom Homepage

  1. In the Dashboard of your VIUBlog site, click Appearance from the navigation sidebar. 

  2. Click Customize from the navigation sidebar. 

  3. Click Homepage Settings.

  4. If you wish for your homepage to be set to a specific page, click the checkbox next to A static page. 

  5. Click the input field underneath the Homepage heading. Select the page you wish to make your homepage from the options given. 

  6. Click the Publish button to save your changes.

  7. Click the X icon in the upper left hand corner to stop customizing your VIUBlog site.