VIU Campus

Video Analytics

In VIUTube, you can view the following analytics (data) regarding videos that have been uploaded to your account:

  • Player Impressions: How many times users have viewed your video in VIUTube but have not played it.
  • Plays: How many times your video has been played.
  • Unique Viewers: How many times your video has been played by new users.
  • How many minutes were viewed.
  • Avg. Completion Rate: What percentage of the video users watched the video to the end.
  • The country that users viewed the video from.
  • The type of device users used to view the video.
  • The website that your video was viewed on. 

View the Analytics on a VIUTube Video

  1. While in your My Media area, click on the name of the video you wish to view the analytics on. 

  2. Click the Actions button. Select Analytics

  3. View the information given. By default, only the past 30 days of data will be shown. If you wish to narrow or expand this date range, click the date range in the upper right hand corner of the page. Select your prefer date range from the available options or insert your own custom range. Click the Apply button to apply this new date range.