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Video Quiz

In VIUTube, you can create interactive video quizzes which will allow your learners to test their understanding of concepts while they are watching a video. 

There are four different types of questions that you can add to a video quiz in VIUTube. 

  • Multiple Choice: Users will be given a question and will be prompted to choose the correct answer from a list of available choices. 

  • True/False: Insert a question or prompt for your students to answer. Students will be asked to choose whether that question or prompt is true or false. 

  • Open- Ended QuestionInsert a open ended question for your user. Your user will then be given 270 characters to answer this question.

  • Reflection Point:  A Reflection Point allows you to insert a pause into the video in order to have students reflect on what was said. You can add text to help guide student's reflection. With Reflection Point's, students are not prompted to insert or select an answer and can continue watching the video anytime they wish by clicking the Continue button. 

  1. Navigate to and select Guest in the upper right hand corner. Then select My Media from the dropdown menu. 

  2. Login using your VIU Computer Account Credentials. 

  3. Click on the video you wish to use to create a video quiz. 

  4. Click the ACTIONS button underneath the video. Select Launch Editor from the dropdown menu. 

  5. Click the Quiz icon (Cube shaped icon) on the left hand side of the screen.

  6. Click the Start button to create a new video quiz. Doing so will create a copy of the video. Your original video will remain in unchanged.  

  7. Click the play icon to view your video. Press it again to pause. You can also use the progress bar on the timeline at the bottom of the screen to skim your video to help find the location you wish to add a question to.

  8. Once you have picked a location you wish to add a question to, click the Add a Question button. 

  9. Choose your question type and insert the required information. More information on available question types and options can be found above. 

  10. Once you have finished creating the question, click the Save button.

  11. Once you have finished creating all the questions in the video quiz, edit any general settings regarding your video quiz. There are three different tabs (Details, Scores, and Experience).

  12. In the Details tab, you can choose to edit the following settings:
    • Quiz Name: Edit the name of your video quiz. 
    • Show Welcome Page: If enabled, at the start of the video users will be given a screen letting them know that this is a video quiz. This screen will also outline a few details regarding this quiz, such as if all questions must be answered in order in order for users to submit their attempt. 
    • Welcome Message: Enter in your own customized message that students will see at the beginning of the video.

  13. In the Scores tab, you can choose to edit the following settings:
    • Allow Multiple Attempts: Allow multiple attempts at the quiz.
    • Scores: Choose whether you would like to show student's score on the quiz once they submit. If you do not want student's to see their score, click the Do Not Show Scores checkbox. 
    • Include Answers: With this option enabled, students will be able to see their correct and incorrect answers once they submit the quiz.

  14. In the Experience tab, you can edit the following settings:
    • Allow Answers Change: With this option enabled, students will be able to go back and change their answers on any questions they previously answered before they submit the quiz.
    • Skip: By default, students do not need to answer a question before they continue to view the video. They can click the skip for now button to keep watching the video. If you would like students to have to answer the question before proceeding with the video, click the Do not Allow Skip checkbox. 
    • No seeking forward: Prevent students from seeking ahead in the video. Students will be able to seek behind in the video and view any previous portion of the video that they have already watched.  

  15. You can preview how your video quiz will function for users at any time by clicking the Preview button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

  16. Once you have finished creating your video quiz, click the blue Done button. 

  17. View your video quiz by clicking the Go to Media Page button.

Add VIdeo Quiz to VIULearn

We do not recommend using video quizzes as graded assessment as users who block third party cookies, or who are not logged in to VIUTube when they take the quiz will be captured as anonymous and not have their name attached to any answers they enter in your video quiz.

If you want to be able to see any details about student responses on a video quiz, you must add your video using the integration between VIUTube and VIULearn. This will automatically connect VIULearn users with their attempts unless students have configured their browser to bock this connection.

  1. From the course navigation bar, select Content. 

  2. Navigate into the Module or Sub-Module you wish to add the video quiz into.

  3. Click the grey Existing Activities button and select Add VIUTube Media. 

  4. Click the Select button next to the video quiz you wish to add to your course.