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Thriving in Action (TiA)

Thriving in Action (TiA) is a program for student success and well-being developed by Dr. Diana Brecher and Dr. Deena Kara Shaffer at Ryerson University. Combining elements of positive psychology (ie. building motivation, optimism, resilience) and learning strategies (ie. time management, effective studying and note taking), TiA aims to provide students with skills to help them thrive, academically and personally.

Through a collaboration between VIU’s counselling services and CIEL, TiA has been adapted for our students here at VIU.

Starting in January of 2021, TiA at VIU is offered as an 8-week program covering the following “Wellness topics” and “Learning strategies”. 


Wellness topics

Learning strategies

Week 1

Mindfulness, Connectedness

Mindful Time Management

Week 2

Grit and Habits

Effective and efficient studying strategies

Week 3

Gratitude, Awe

Active listening, note taking & Cultivating concentration

Week 4

Self-compassion, Strengths

Group work

Week 5

Optimism, Growth mindset

Self-advocacy and Professional Communication

Week 6


Essay writing & research

Week 7

Healthfulness, Relaxation

Test taking

Week 8

Meaning making

Setting goals, motivation

Here’s what VIU students had to say about TiA:

“I feel TiA was an excellent resource for helping me break out of my stagnation”

“TiA encourages me to think outside the box and it teaches me that it’s ok to ask for help”

“I found all of the topics covered incredibly useful and motivating, and attending these sessions always left me feeling uplifted and ready to take on the week ahead”

“TiA gave me the tools to reframe situations into opportunities for growth”

Coming up:

CIEL is currently working on incorporating training for faculty, to support their efforts in supporting student wellness and success.  

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