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Recovery of Deleted Courses: Process

Recovery of Deleted VIULearn Courses: Process

Please fill our all fields with as much detail as possible. We may not be able to process requests that contain incomplete data. 

Contact Information

Please fill in the following fields to allow us to locate your course and contact you.

Please note: If you are not the instructor of record for the course you are hoping to retrieve, you may be asked to provide additional information after submitting your request.

Course Information 

Please list all courses you are hoping can have material recovered. For each course include:  (1) course name, (2) section number, and (3) semester code. For example: CIEL 101 F12N01. If any of this information is excluded, we will not be able to recover the course for you.

Course Materials or Activities 

Please list all course materials or activities you are hoping can be recovered (for example: Quizzes, Content, Student Assignment Submissions).

Every July 1, we will be deleting old courses from VIULearn and retaining only the past two years of content. If you already know how to back up your courses, that's great! Please make sure you have backed up any courses from the semesters to be removed from VIULearn before July 1

If you are not comfortable creating a back up your courses, we have instructions on our website or we  would be happy to set up a time to help you. If you need assistance with making VIULearn course back ups, we suggest setting up a consultation with one of our Learning Technology Support Specialists.

To schedule your consultation, please email or list three different dates and times that work for you in the space below and we will confirm the training session with you by email.  

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Please allow 14 business days for your request to be processed.

You will be contacted by with course components that were retrievable for your identified courses. Thank you for your patience.