VIU Campus

Express Capture

Express Capture allows you to record a simple video using your webcam and microphone directly from your Internet Browser without the need to install any additional software. Your Express Capture video can then be uploaded directly to VIUTube with a click of a button. 

  1. Navigate to VIUTube and login using your VIU Computer Account credentials.

  2. Click Add New. From the dropdown menu, select Express Capture. 

  3. You may receive a pop up asking if has permission to use your microphone and webcamera. Select Allow

  4. Make sure the correct camera and microphone is selected. To do so:
    1. Click the Cogwheel icon in the upper right hand corner of the video frame.
    2. Click the sideways arrow beside the name of the camera that is currently selected to edit your Camera settings. Or click the sideways arrow beside the name of the microphone that is currently selected to edit your audio settings.
    3. Click on the microphone or camera you wish to use. 
    4. You can also turn your microphone or camera off by clicking the toggle button. 
  5. Once you are ready, click the red Record Button.

  6. Your video will begin recording after a 3 second countdown. After the countdown, you will see a timer ticking up in the middle of the screen. This will let you know how long you have been recording for. This timer will not appear in your final recording. 

  7. Once you are ready, click the white Stop Recording button to stop your recording.  

  8. You will be given the option to review your video. After reviewing your video, select one or more of the following options:
    • To delete this video and record a new one, click the Record again button.
    • To immediately download a copy of the recording you have created, click the Download a Copy button. A WEBM video file will begin downloading to your device. You can also download a copy of this video at any time from the media page.
    • To upload this Express Capture video to VIUTube, click the Use This button. 
  9. After selecting the Use This button, your Express Capture video will begin uploading to VIUTube. While your video is uploading, you can give your video a new name, add a description, add any tags you wish, and pick a Publishing Status.

  10. Once your video has finished uploading, click the blue Save button to save any changes you have made.

Please note that once your media has finished uploading, your media will need to go through a processing phase before it can be played. For every 1 minute of media, it may take up to 5 minutes for VIUTube to process that media. For example, if you have a 10 minute video, it may take 50 minutes for VIUTube to finish processing that video.

Express Capture: Common Errors & Solutions

This error message will appear if your Internet Browser blocks VIUTube from accessing your camera and microphone. You will need to set your browser to allow to access your camera and microphone in order to use this feature.

Exactly how you can do this will vary slightly depending on your Internet Browsers and Device. Here are the instructions for how you can do so in Google Chrome on a Windows Desktop computer:

  1. Click the Camera icon at the end of the search bar.
  2. Choose the Always allow to access your camera and microphone option.
  3. Click the blue Done button. 
  4. Refresh your page to apply these new settings. 

If you are still receiving this error message or are not sure how to check to see if your Internet Browser is blocking your camera and microphone on your device, please send us an email at with the name of the Internet Browser you are using and we would be happy to assist you in this task.

The most common reason why you may be receiving this error message is because another program is currently using your microphone or camera. Please note that your camera and microphone cannot be used by two or more programs simultaneously. Please ensure that no other programs (such as Zoom) is currently using your microphone and camera. Once you have closed all other programs that might be using your camera or microphone, you may also need to refresh the page to have VIUTube check for your camera and microphone again.

If you have closed all possible conflicting programs are still receiving this error message, please send us an email at and we would be happy to assist you in this task.