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Share VIUTube Media Using a Link

One way you can share your media with other users is by providing users with the link (or URL) to your VIUTube media. By clicking on this link, users will be able to watch and view the media directly in VIUTube. You can send users the link to your VIUTube media by inserting the link anywhere were you can insert text online (such as in your VIULearn course, in an email, in a VIUBlog Post/Page, etc.)

In order for users to be able to view your media via a direct link, your media's Publishing Status must be set to Unlisted. If your media is set to Private and a user attempts to view the video via a direct link, they will receive an Access Denied error message.

Share the Link to your VIUTube Media

  1. Navigate to VIUTube and login using your VIU Computer Account credentials.

  2. Select your username (or if you are using a smaller screen, the profile icon) in the upper right hand corner and then My Media. 

  3. Find and click on the media you wish to share.

  4. Click the Share tab. 

  5. Select one of the following sharing options:

    • Links to Media Page: You will be provided with the link to the VIUTube media. Copy the link by pressing CTRL + C or Command + C on your keyboard.

    • Email: Choosing this option will open your email program with the link to the video already inserted into the body of an email. 
  6. If you have copied the link to the media page, paste the link into the location where you would like to share the link.