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How Zoom Manages Employee and Student Data

In order to support teaching and learning at VIU, personally identifiable data about employees and students is collected and stored by the learning technologies in use at VIU. Access to and use of this data is governed by the Use of Information Technology policy (45.01) at VIU for all employees. This page provides some information about the specific data collected by Zoom. This page is designed to help instructors at VIU make informed decisions when using technology at VIU. If you have any concerns or questions about privacy, security, or compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), please contact

Zoom is VIU’s video conferencing platform. The VIU institutional Zoom account offers accounts for all employees who need to use video conferencing in their role at VIU. Students are not able to create accounts under our license and do not require accounts in order to participate in Zoom class sessions or other Zoom events. All data storage and processing for the VIU Zoom account is restricted to Zoom’s Canadian servers, including for users who connect from outside of Canada.

Data Required for Account Creation

The first time you log in at a licensed Zoom account will be created for you under the VIU institutional Zoom license. Zoom gathers and stores to following information about you when creating your account:

  1. VIU email address

  2. First and Last Name

  3. Job Title at VIU

If you choose to add additional information to your Profile, this information will also be stored as part of your Zoom account information.

Data Collected During Use

When you schedule a meeting, any information you enter in the meeting name or description will be saved by Zoom.

When you host or join a Zoom meeting Zoom will gather the following information about you and everyone else in the meeting

  1. Your display name (by default this is your first and last name, but you can edit this from the Participant screen)

  2. Your IP Address

If a meeting is recorded, either locally or to the Zoom cloud, your image and voice will be captured if you enable your camera or unmute your microphone. If you speak during a recorded meeting where captioning is enabled, your display name will be included in the captions for the meeting.

Data Access and Use

All participants in a Zoom meeting can see the display names, shared video, and display pictures of all other participants and the meeting host. If the meeting is recorded, recorded personal information will be shared with anyone who is given access to the recording.

Zoom Cloud Recordings will be automatically transferred to the host’s VIUTube. See How VIUTube Manages Employee and Student Data for more information on how data is managed on that service. These recordings will remain on the host’s Zoom account for 1 day before being moved to Trash. While on the Zoom cloud, the recording file can only be accessed by the video owner. Zoom cloud recordings cannot be shared directly from the Zoom platform and must be imported to VIUTube before they can be shared with others.

The Zoom system administrator and Zoom support staff may need to access a cloud recording if you request assistance to resolve a technical issue.

Aggregate, anonymized data about how many meetings, total participants, or unique hosts may be used in reporting within VIU to demonstrate how the software is being used at VIU or to support budget requests related to providing and supporting this service. This reporting does not include any personally identifiable information for account holders or participants.

Data Retention

Zoom cloud recordings are automatically and permanently deleted from Zoom within 31 days of recording. The host of the recorded meeting may send the recording to Trash or permanently delete it prior to the automatic deletion if desired. Recordings that need to be retained can be kept on VIUTube or downloaded for offline storage.

Meeting statistics which include the name and IP addresses of all participants are kept as part of the VIU institutional account record and are not deleted. This data is accessed only as needed to support the use of Zoom at VIU.