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Recording Zoom Meetings

There are two ways to record a meeting from the Zoom platform: local recording and cloud recording. Local recording is automatically enabled for all VIU zoom accounts. Cloud recording is available by request. You can submit a request to enable Cloud recording on your Zoom account by filling out the Cloud Recording Request form. If you have both local and cloud recording available on your account you will be able to select which option you want to use each time you start a recording. 

Local Recording 

Local recording allows you to record a meeting directly to your computer. When you locally record, all processing and storage of the recording happens on your computer. Once the recording has processed, you can upload the media to a video hosting platform to share with others. 

Local recording is the best option if you want to edit your media before uploading it to share. This is also the best method for meetings you need to record but do not intend to share with others and is the only recording option for meetings that have the E2EE feature enabled. 

Cloud Recording

Cloud recording can be done from a smartphone or tablet in addition to a computer. When you start a cloud recording, the recording is processed and stored in Zoom’s Canadian data centre. Once the recording has finished processing, it will be automatically imported into your VIUTube media collection and then deleted from the Zoom cloud. 

VIU Zoom accounts cannot share cloud recordings directly from Zoom. You will need to wait until your recording has transferred to VIUTube before sharing it. Depending on the volume of media being processed on Zoom’s servers, it may take up to 72 hours for a Zoom recording to fully process and be sent to your VIUTube account. 

Request Cloud Recording

How Do I Start a Cloud Recording?

If you have both Cloud and Local recording enabled in your account you will be able to choose between a local or a cloud recording each time you click Record in a Zoom meeting scheduled on your account. 

  1. Launch a meeting for which you are the host. 

  2. Click Record 

  3. You will see the option to Record on this Computer or Record to the Cloud. Click Record to the Cloud to start a cloud recording. 

  4. When you end the meeting, your recording will begin processing on the Cloud. 

Please note: Zoom sets the processing expectation at two times the meeting duration but may take 24-72 hours to process a cloud recording in times of extremely high usage. Once the meeting has been processed on Zoom it will go into a queue to transfer to VIUTube which may take a couple of hours. 

How Do I Share My Recording?

In order to share your recording, you will want to wait until your media has copied over to VIUTube. If you cannot wait for the automatic processing to complete, you can manually download the Zoom cloud recording and upload it to  VIUTube or another video streaming service. The VIU Zoom account is not configured to allow account holders to share their cloud recordings with anyone directly.

  1. Go to in your browser and log in 

  2. Go to the Recordings tab and locate the recording you want to share

  3. Download the video file (and caption file if available) you want to share to your computer 

  4. Go to VIUTube

  5. Click Upload. 

  6. Upload the video file by dragging and dropping a video file or clicking Browse to find the video on your computer

Once your media has finished processing, you can use the VIUTube integration to embed the video in a VIULearn course from the Insert Stuff button or  use the steps below to access the link or embed code: 

  1. Go to VIUTube 

  2. Select Manage Media and locate the media you want to share 

  3. Hover your mouse over the video and then click More

  4. Select Links 

Can I Edit My Recordings Before Sharing? 

VIUTube offers a set of online editing tools for simple changes, such as trimming or clipping as well as some simple annotation options. However, if you want to do more robust editing, we suggest doing so in a video editing program such as Camtasia 2020 or Adobe Premiere Pro. For more on how to access or obtain a license for one of these video editing programs please see Once you have made your edits, you can then upload the final copy of your media to VIUTube to share.